TRANSURB SIMULATION in Hungary23/05/2018

To ensure compatibility with the agile and fast world of advanced technologies, it is important for rail operators to renew their training equipment. It is also on the quality of education and safety that the effects of effective training tools are felt.

MÁV-START, the division responsible for passenger transport in Hungary, understood this and decided to rely on Transurb Simulation to update their simulation solution. Scope of work In terms of hardware, Transurb will be working on the renovation of a full-size simulator (which replicates a full cabin) and two mobile simulators. In addition, Transurb will replace three older simulators with four of its portable simulators, called Nano Simulators. On the software side, Transurb will equip all the simulators (new and renovated) with the latest version of its simulation program as well as a new computer-generated imagery using the latest technologies.

In line with the requirements of MÁV-START and the Transurb philosophy, this software will offer an infinity of possibilities for customizing training sessions. As Transurb specializes in the ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) simulation, the improved and improved solution will train drivers in the European Level 1 and 2 system as well as transitions with the simulated national system.

Project in parallel with KTI

As a good Hungarian newcomer never comes alone, Transurb will also deliver to the Hungarian Institute for Transport Sciences (KTI) a simulator equipped with the same software as the renovated MÁV-START solution. Transurb is delighted with these two simultaneous Hungarian projects and sincerely thanks AWEX for helping to make the first contacts and providing them with trusted local support.

Transurb looks forward to sharing with you the evolution of these projects.

And, who knows, never two without three?