Study visit HELMo Liège13/04/2023

Master's engineers students of HELMo Gamme Liège travelled to Budapest for a one-week field trip to visit several Businesses in Hungary (pharmaceutical, food etc.)

GlaxoSmithKline Gödöllő was their first stop where the managers welcomed them and presented GSK's activity, giving great importance to the production site in Gödöllő, their process and their employees, with a Gemba manufacturing area for tetanus and diphtheria.
Many of the students have never seen a pharma manufacturing site and demonstrated to be very much interested in the production tour and highlighted the quite interesting manufacturing steps, clean utilities and the gowning process.
We are sure they enjoyed themselves and left with many positive memories. Who knows... one day GSK may welcome them as colleagues in Gödöllő or somewhere in the GSK network!